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Desktop Meme: Herein You Can Learn A Lot About Gabe

. . . and why he doesn't get shit done.


[click to enlarge -- if you dare! WARNING: The actual size is 3360 × 1050. Far from D/U-F.]

So . . . what does this reveal?

[+] First, Gabe must like his screens/icons/text tiny!!! Collapse )

So there you have it. A complete break-down of "Why Gabe Can't Finish Half of What He Starts". :lol: Well . . . I finish all the things I get paid for and get grades for, so I'm not entirely bad . . .

NEXT: I think I'm gonna make a tute on using Liquid Story Binder, yWriter, and OneNote for those of us who need help organizing the worlds we create, be it fanfic or original fic. I'm a hardline fan of LSB, but yWriter and OneNote are also amazing tools.

ADDENDUM-1: Oh, I was serious about fic-recs that deal specifically with the socio-political world immediately after HP:DH. Pairings are irrelevent, it can even be het, so long as it's well conceived and well written.

ADDENDUM-2: If you haven't done the Desktop Meme in awhile, I urge you to hit that PRNT SCRN button and post away! Alternatively, if you have done it, link me to it! I love Desktop Memes more than most other memes. I dunno why. Don't judge me! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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H.M:d-8 The Last

Well, I guess this is the last day of my Happy Meme.

And I swear to you that I didn't plan things so that the last day would be on Christmas, but it is fitting, innit? Because this day, more so maybe than any other day save maybe your birthday, is about being with family and friends. And yes, that includes iFriends and net!Friends and LJ-friends and any other sort of something-friends that you consider.

When I first went to a college campus, it was during my junior and senior years of high school. I transferred to The Academy, which was a college prep high school for college-bound students. This was around... 1996 or so. Anyway, the Interwebs weren't quite so elaborate as it is now; most high schools were still using VAX and USENET and AOL wasn't quite known as the badware scam that it is. Even then, there were huge communities in chat rooms and USENET groups. Many of us probably remember the dot-syntax of some of them: alt.lifestyles.homosexual or humanities.design.photoshop to name a very few. There was, even in these text-based groups, a strong sense of community, which meant the usual: cliques, anti-cliques, Usenet superstars, trolls, misfits, and Banhammers.

I thought it all rubbish. Why have this Usenet life when there's plenty real life to live!

Of course, in my sheltered youth, I didn't realize that not everyone had it as easy as I did; the ability to wear someone else's shoes hadn't yet developed. Hey, I was young.

Maybe elaboration was needed? Maybe flashier designs, easier access, better manageability was needed for me to understand how one could have a 'real life' and an 'Internet life'. Maybe time and experience was all I needed to understand, some 15 years later, how one could incorporate the one into the other; how one can enhance the other; and how one, no matter how full and wonderful, is somehow less without the other.

Some of you may remember when my grandmother passed away. It was a long process whereby I had to drop out of most of my classes for a semester, give up a student-teaching post, [which I never got back, by the way], and basically put my life on hold. I wasn't utterly wretched without LJ, but I was somehow diminished. Life just... wasn't as bright without coming on LJ and reading the various stories and shenanigans from my LJ-friends, just like it had been when I couldn't hang out with my RL friends on the reg.

That's how it should be.

For me, at least.

And yes, it sapped out of me what little fandom-writing I had in me, but it didn't sap out my desires to be a part of fandom, even in a small capacity. And it certainly didn't sap out of me my desire to be a part of your LJ lives, even in some small capacity.

I think I've found that happy balance where my online life enhances my 'real' life, like fine dessert after a wonderful meal. Yes, you could live life without it, without your lips ever touching a mascherpone torte or a toffee walnut torte or a torta di cioccolata or chocolate-dipped vanilla biscotti—but is that really living? :wink;

No. I'm glad I got over my reverse snobbery, my backwards elitism, because with it, I would have been less [as I brought up with my first Happy Meme post], and without it I have met some of the most wonderful people in the Internet world. With some of you, communication has moved on to YM Chat or personal e-mails. With others, there's regular exchanges in LJ/IJ/Scribblit/Wherever. Some of you talk shop, be it music theory, writing, programming/web-stuff, videos.

But with the vast majority of you—and I only really have about 75-80 mutual friends—it is me silently stalking you, enjoying your stories, worrying about your latest concerns, cringing at your latest missteps, air-punching at your latest victories, exploring your recs... basically just... taking you in—as much of you as I can, as you'll allow—and being a Better Person because of it.

I could live a life without you.
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I just don't want to.

So, f'list, as cheesy as it sounds, you—all of you—make me Happy. Fitting that it's my last Happy Meme post and equally fitting that the last post is on Christmas.

♥ ♥ ♥ ~Gabe
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I can't remember when I was told that Santa Clause wasn't real—or, rather, that each and every one of us are Santa Claus. I do remember it involved buying prezzies for others. I believe in answering my question ["Why are we buying So-and-So presents?"], my mom explained away Christmas. Obviously, the realization that Santa Claus wasn't real didn't have much an impact on me, because I barely remember the event. I just know it happened.

As a child, then, Christmas Eve was my Christmas. We'd stay up and watch television—all the usual Xmas shows from Rankin Bass productions [Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Little Drummer Boy] to the How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Frosty the Snowman. Later in my childhood, it was Star Wars IV: A New Hope, which is what I had watched last night, breaking tradition though I was. After around 11:30pm or so, however, I got to open my presents.

It always started the same way: my mom or dad would say, "Pick one—only one." But one would turn into two, then three, four... until everyone's opening everything. By midnight, all my toys were opened. I'd stay up until 5 or 6 A.M. playing with the new prezzies and then sleeping all day, if I could sleep at all.

Now I'm not big on presents. I tend to give gift cards and gas cards nowadays. Everyone spends so much on others, I figure I can excuse my laziness by giving things people could actually use—money and gas. Still, I got a shit-tonne of friends who goes elsewhere for Christmas. So before they leave town, they give me my presents. So for the past 6 or 7 years or so, it's been like my childhood days all over again!

Today I got an even specialer treat. [ And no, alex_s9, 'specialer' isn't correct. ;-P ]

I got a package from nathaniel_hp—all the way from Germany. It felt good to be holding something in my hands from Germany, even if it was just an envelope. Plus, it will give me a wonderful glimpse into a dear LJ!friend of mine, one of many with whom I hope to remain friends for a long time still. No doubt it'll have something handwritten by him, so I'll be able to do all sorts of handwriting analysis and speculations... :lol: As if I knew how to do that. Pft!

And, in the grand tradition, Nathaniel, I'm waiting until 11:30pm to tear into the package. I'm sure I'll be up until 3 in the morning with whatever you've given me. Thanks for taking me back to my youth, my friend; hope your—hope all of your—holiday season is as bright and cheery as your package has made me!

So yes... Christmas Eve makes me Happy.
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Okay, I had a really bad day at work yesterday... today was hardly better. Still, I come home to find an email from a girlie friend of mine. The email has no body in the message, only the word P-Mate in the subject line.


Now because the email is Gmail, of course Google latches on to the word P-Mate and fashions the adverts around it. And so it is that I find the 6th day of Happiness: weird, wacky, sold-only-on-the-interwubs stuff that no one will admit they actually find interesting/useful.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThe P-Mate, for women who want to pee standing up.

[Maybe-not-so]Oddly enough, Amazon.com sells them, with Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought pointing to the Shenis, for women who want to pee standing up AND send dudes into jealous, self-conscious fits of self-loathing. [I won't post a pic of that, because there's no hiding what that looks like...]

Then I thought, Man, I know plenty of women who, during concerts, raves, in the woods, or on a boat, would have loved to have had something like this! You've all seen the port-a-potties at a festival or theme park, right? I always felt sorry for women who had to sit—or squat—down on them. ~shudder~ This could also probably work for F2M trans people who have gone through—or don't want to go through—genitalia re-construction surgery, but still want to pee as men do [which would, by the way, entail missing the bowl, pissing on the seat, and other nasty things that make items like the Shenis and P-Mate actually seem like a good idea for some women].

But this sent me on a side-spiral [I won't say it was a 'downward' spiral] that I was directed to such naughtier treats as the iBuzz [which I still say should be called the iFap], the OhMiBod iPod Driven Personal Massager, the OhMiBod Boditalk Cell Phone Activated Personal Vibrator [!!!], and other things which I shall leave either to your own imagination or your own Googling skills.

Why does this make me happy? You would think such consumerism would be... well, pathetic, really. But it's not. No matter how much time passes, no matter what level of technology we are at at any given time, we will always find a way to have some good-ol' fashioned [or not-so-ol'-fashioned, as the case may be] fun! And in doing so, in this pursuit of Having Fun, it may actually end up being something people could use for their own well-being, F2Ms come to mind. So yes, I've included so-called oddities like Shenis, She-Pee, and the P-Mate as something that made me happy on Day 6!

On a less questionable note: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Original Theatrical Release makes me really happy, too!
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Another end-o'-day, another Happy Meme post!

Wait... how many days are we supposed to do this? 7? 8?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


The green apples at Meijers have been awesome, lately. I don't know what pesticides and hormones and cancer-givers they pump in them to make them so tasty during what's sure to be the off-season, but Gabe approves. I've been eating a shit-load of them for the past week or so. When is apples season technically, anyway? Anyone know?
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In the grand tradition of 'what you'd expect from a beta-reader', this day's "Happy Post" is basically an tip of the hat, of sorts, to two of my most favored—and oft times, er... abused—punctuation marks:




and even sometimes,

. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .

[ Yes, I prefer them without the spaces. I hate when I see writing with two ellipsis marks and then the third on the next line! How ghastly! Seriously, it's the most disgusting, ugliest patch-work formatting I've ever seen. Treating the ellipses as a single mark/entity makes sense on so many levels... I do not, however, like --, even if I have used them. No... — all the ay, baby! ]

I love them both so much. In fact, while I consider the en-dash a tad... non-committal, it even gets a bit o' love-by-association. Tho' not much. Sorry, Brits.

No contest. Call me a size queen all you like.

And I like my em-dash without the spaces. It's interrupting... barging in... throwin' 'bows... elbowing... nudging its way in—Move over and make Room for Me!—so it doesn't require any whitespace.

But I like these two marks because it allows me to type as I write... with thought and pause. If you see an ellipses with me, for instance, you know that I actually did pause, and you read it just as I mean for you to read it. When I used to write speeches for Communications courses, I used the ellipses almost exclusively. I didn't bother with the comma=1 pause–semi-colon=2–period=3, instead... I use ellipsis marks. Some may consider my love for the ellipses to be evidence of some deep-seated need for control—breath control, reading control. You may well be right. But for whatever reason, I love the ellipses and the em-dash.

They make me happy.

Long may they reign!
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Another day of Happy Meme!

This one is a two-fers... well, maybe a three-fer, because two-fers make me happy... And it'll be a long one, because of it's Importance to me and my life, and how while I do try and keep a bit of distance between Fandom!life and Real!life, it's really hard to do that because the one feeds the other. Addendum-1: In a fit of self-editing, I'm putting all the ho-hum stuff behind a cut. Feel free to read it if you like, but you'll get the jist of what I'm trying to say [which is surprisingly difficult for me, actually, considering] by what's left out of the cut.

Audio Books & Harry Potter
I like audio books. I was never much of a reader until, oh, probably HP:PoA. [Seriously, I'm one of those statistics you read about when they say "HP made people read again!"] I read what was required of me and what I did read was mostly things about programming, HCI, and AI. But I had read HP:PoA after reading PS and CoS [the first two, I preferred the movies, I think, more than the books], and it was PoA that got me really interested.Collapse )

The problem was that I was traveling a lot, and by car. So I opted to buy the audio books. Jim Dale's characterization, more than anything, made me like the story more than I probably would have had I just continued reading. But HP wasn't enough! So I started downloading lectures from The Teaching Company and the Modern Scholar, stuff that interested me: Collapse )But then my traveling life changed and I was no longer trapped in a car for long periods of time. So I read. I wasn't really interested in the 'classics' quite yet—that wouldn't come until much later—but I needed to read something. Fandom pushed that need over the edge.

Now this is where circuitry crosses and things get a bit Harry hairy. My re-interest in learning German hits about the time of HP:GoF. Buying the UK editions helps me realize my interest in the evolution of the English language. Collapse )

Then I got into Fandom, because waiting for HBP just... wasn't on. I mean, I didn't appreciate OotP as much as many others did, but I felt something was happening... probably because something was happening. Fandom helped satisfy my hunger, as I'm sure it did with most of you, until a new book could be released. And that, of course, brought me into writing, which got me closer to grammar, because I wanted to understand as much as possible about the nuances of BE vs AE. Collapse )

The point here isn't to pat myself on the back; rather, I want to point out that Fandom [which I'll always capitalize for its importance in my life] by way of Harry Potter, by way of audio books, has opened my eyes to a part of my creativity that had been forgotten. Collapse )I don't want to say that I was lost before Fandom; I was perfectly happy in my chosen degree and field. But it has re-opened my eyes to new-old possibilities. I do want to be an editor, I think, even if freelance, but an editor like Perkins was for Fitzgerald—and believe me when I say, you lot should be studying Perkins, not Fitzgerald. I wanna hole up in some mountain retreat for two months with pir8fancier and be there when she creates her Magnum Opus, which I've a feeling is soon coming.

So because of audio books, I get into Harry Potter. Because of Harry Potter, I get into Fandom. Because of Fandom, I get into the English language in all its glory—and German, too—and it reinvigorates a desire to learn more, write again, and edit. Basically, because of audio books [and Harry Potter], I am where I am today.


Oh, and this post is proof that even 'editors' need editors. I basically could have just let it stand with the last paragraph and you lot would have gotten my point. :lol: Rambling!Gabe does it again.

Sidepoint: Maybe this should be a fourth-day Happy post, but it's tied directly to reading, about which, as I've already prolixed* is directly related to my life in Fandom. But the love of new words.Collapse )Challenge us! Were that a necessity, to write only with words we already know, then we'd be reading stories that have "see draco, see harry, see draco stick it in harry pooper. harry like it in pooper."

Actually, that could be quite funny, but I digress... er, too late, huh?

Anyway, my point is that Fandom—and reading, in general—should remind us English-speakers that English has the most words of all the languages. Some of it useless, some of it weird, all of it wonderful. If it fits your story and any less than that word would dull the shine [nice title, by the way!], then use it! Don't be scerd. For every one person who complains, they'll be at least three persons who love you for it, and at least 2 ESL'ers who appreciate—and rise up to—the challenge.

Big Gay Footnotes
* Yes, I know 'prolix' is not a verb, but hey... you can forgive me! I mean, it's English. If we can't make verbs out of nouns, then what's the point in living!!?!?!?!? ;-P
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Okay, this is the Happy Meme: Day 2 post!

I'm happy that I have awesome friends on my flist that let me share—even if they don't necessarily like what I'm sharing [*cough*Blitzen*cough*]. Be it music, Art Films, or books, your Awesomeness effects the desire within me to share—because you all deserve it!

And with that, and in the spirit of the season, I've some things that I wanna share with you tonight!

Never mind that the Twilight movie uses one of their songs, they're cool. Very Yes!, very modern-prog-rock, very intricate music, and a lead singer with a beautiful voice.

So if you like the video, peep out the rest of the [reset] EP; then, if you like it, you can go out and buy it!

Are you into symbols? Either for personal reasons or because you're writing that super sekrit supernatural ghostly runic historical romance novella and wanna make sure your symbol usage is clear and correct? Then this book is for you! Symbols, symbollic imagery, and even the corresponding deities are all included. Click on the image for the download link!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAnd finally, the Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained. From Amazon.com:
In 14 chapters, these volumes cover broad concepts from "Afterlife Mysteries" to "Invaders from Outer Space." Each chapter begins with an overview and ... entries are generally arranged in alphabetical order.

The Steigers, prolific writers on the paranormal, have written an encyclopedia for believers. The volumes are meant to "explore and describe the research of those who take such phenomena seriously," and ... the work covers material of interest to a large segment of the public in a way that is clear and readable.

This is a three-volume set.
Download | Volume I
Download | Volume II
Download | Volume III

So thanks for making me Happy yet another day! One in many, I should say!