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23 June 1980
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Who I Am: I'm Gabriel. Gabe, for short. Well... that's my agnomen... Agnomen? Pssh! I'm just tryin' to be fancy. It's just a second middle name in honor of my grandfather on my father's side. My nom de plume, however, is C. Gabriel Wright. It's something I plan to use for YA fiction, should I ever get around to actually stop plotting/outlining my YA fiction and actually writing my YA fiction!

In fact, if you ever read anything with the following names, you'll know it's me:
C. Gabriel Wright
B. B. G. Harris
Pauel Sebastien

I currently have a new 9-5 job at Wellpoint/Anthem in their pharmacy division while still barreling through grad school, getting my MA in New Media with a Grad Minor in Literary Editing and Publishing.
What I Like: I like many things, among them:
Harry Potter
Dr. Who
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel the Series
ABC Family's Greeks
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Non-pop culture-related things include: music theory, icon-making (of cute boys), programming/web design/Photoshop, writing, grammar, armchair linguistics, DJing, producing music and video, healthy living, healthy living with cute boys, German, cute German boys, Old English and Gothic, living a life of celibacy until married (hopefully to a cute German boy), and completing my education. Ich bin Alleskönner, a Jack-of-(many)-trades, but master of none.
Where I am: I'm a beta for TQP (The Quidditch Pitch), Perfect Imagination, and hpbeta_resource. Beta reading other writers' stories is a personal fave of mine; it helps me improve as a writer, myself, and I take pride in my work. When time permits, I try and beta stories as much as I can.

I also write and sketch. You can read some old writings at ficsofillrepute and my newer stories (and sketches) at gabe_creates. I'm neither the best writer nor the best drawer, but I have fun trying! You can also peep some icons at icons_illrepute.
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Friending Policy
I have an open-door policy. You don't have to ask. You friend me; I friend back. I mostly f'lock my posts, but there are a few that I leave open.
Posting Policy
I try to condense all my ramblings in one post, but occasionally that doesn't happen and I end up spamming my f'list with (sometimes) random nonsensery. I talk about cute boys, random life stuff, writing/grammar/words, cute boys, films, porn, cute boys, plot ideas, cute boys, cute boys, and cute boys. Sometimes I'll go on and on about sexism in fantasy and sci-fi movies and books. Mainly, I use LJ to de-compress from life, work, and school.
Beta Policy
If you want me to beta your story, you can always send me an email or use LJ's private messaging system, whichever you prefer. If you go through TQP, you can always submit a fic as usual but request me. Likewise, if you have a Perfect Imagination account, you can access my profile and request my services there. Writers Beware: I've a lot on my plate. So if you expect a quick turn-around, you'll have to go elsewhere. My average is 10-14 days for a fic with a 5000K word length.

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